Whether you’re in, nearing, or decades away from retirement, you face an increasingly complex challenge – planning for income to last throughout your lifetime. Developing a systematic plan to withdraw retirement money over an uncertain time frame is a complex undertaking. It involves key assumptions about the effects of such variables as investment returns, health, lifespan, inflation, Social Security payments, and taxation. This leads to a basic question: How much can you withdraw from your retirement nest egg annually so that you will not face the risk of running out of money?

Our retirement planning process will help you understand where you are today and the direction in which your retirement is headed. Since no one can predict the future, we will vary our assumptions to demonstrate the effects of different economic scenarios. We will also help you identify weaknesses in your current plan and determine if there are better solutions available in today’s marketplace. At the very least, our process will give you a better understanding of what you may need to achieve a successful retirement.