At Garden State Securities Inc., we believe one of our greatest strengths is our independence. In an industry that is dominated by top-down bureaucracies, we continue to excel as a firm that is run from the bottom up – a place where financial representatives are free to utilize the products and services they choose, not those that are chosen for them. Our approach is through an independent eye as is evidenced by our approach to business:

  • For mutual fund investing, we utilize a multi-family and multi-manager approach to asset allocation. Our clients have access to more than 250 fund companies and more than 12,000 mutual fund offerings.
  • For planning solutions that incorporate insurance products, Garden State Securities, Inc. allows pricing and circumstance to dictate which insurance company is utilized. Through our strategic relationships, our clients have access to more than 40 top-rated insurance companies, enabling our advisors to shop around for the best products and quotes in the industry.
  • For retirement plans such as 401k, once again our independent model provides us with inherent advantages to our competitors. We have the ability to work with all retirement plan issuers, allowing us to compare services and fees to ensure our clients are receiving the best plan possible.

The bottom line: our independence allows our clients to get the best that Wall Street has to offer.

A new era is dawning in which Wall Street must earn the trust and confidence of individual investors all over again. We at Garden State Securities, Inc. are ready to face that challenge because we stand where we have been all along: "Perfectly aligned with the clients we serve."